4 Pounds Fresh Cultivated Morel Mushrooms (pre-order)

4 Pounds Fresh Cultivated Morel Mushrooms (pre-order)

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   Morel mushrooms are considered a Top-tier and highly sought after gourmet mushroom, due to their depth and intensely nutty and earthy flavor. They also have a meaty texture, unlike the more slimy texture of many other mushroom varieties. They are best eaten fried or saute'ed, and are very popular in French cuisine, added as a gourmet ingredient. Their color ranges from ginger to reddish to ashen. Morels are a cooking mushroom and must be cooked thoroughly. 



    Now taking orders for Fresh Cultivated Morel Mushrooms for the Spring 2023 Morel Season! Shipping will begin in late Mid-March and continue into May of 2023, with a money back guarantee.